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Tips for B&W Photography Lovers!

written by Ayushi Shah. photos by Dan Abramovici.There is something nostalgic and emotive about black and white. No pop of colours, but the exposures and contrast of these photos is what makes them come to life.So sure colours are great, but the emotions behind


Argentina Photo Journal

Its December 26th and im on a 3 hour layover from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Thought it would be a good time to upload some of the photos so far for all to see.Anyway, this photo journal documents the first week and a bit of

Some useful links and advice for new actors

This is a post ive been wanting to put up for a while and one that will probably evolve from feedback. Lets start with the most important thing a fledgling actor (or his parent) can do:ResearchSounds so simple right? But ive had countless actors walking