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Special Promotional Pricing for Theatre Groups – Get ready for FRINGE and Summerworks!!

Profressional promotional portrait for the Second City Toronto.

Special Promotional Pricing for Theatre Groups – Get ready for FRINGE and Summerworks!!

As an actor myself I do understand that many productions operate on a tight budget and I am completely sympathetic to that. I want Callback Headshots to be a supporter of Toronto’s theatre community much as we have been a part of Toronto’s comedy community these past few years. What this means is that im happy to tailor my prices and package to a productions budget. Here are my pricing packages for local theatre, gearing up for the upcoming FRINGE and Summerworks season. Please note that after the session the production receives ALL of their proofs as well as the touched up shots. This is true with EVERY package.

Budget Theatre Package – 1 hour of shooting in studio with 3 touched up shots – $175
Cast comes to our downtown Toronto studio and we do as many setups and costume changes as we can within an hour. We can get a good 150 to 200 shots with this amount of time and do a few wardrobe changes and background and lighting changes. This would give the cast a combination of both in studio photography and, if they like, natural light photos. You can see examples HERE.

Budget Theatre Package On Location – 1 hour of shooting at the theatre or on location with 3 touched up shots – $225
We bring over lighting and shoot the cast on stage going through different setups of their show and different poses and costumes. I can work with the existing stage lighting and will bring in my own gear to make sure we get great results. I recently did that for Second City over at HERE

Standard Package – Unlimited setups in studio with 6 touched up shots – $275
Cast comes to our Toronto studio and we work together until weve tried every look they want to do from their show. No time limit or exposure limit.

Standard Package On Location – Unlimited setups with portable studio on location with 6 touched up shots – $300
We bring the portable studio consisting of a portable backdrop and lighting and shoot on site. Also very happy to meet the cast somewhere funky and spend time shooting on location (Distillery, a park, anywhere in Toronto). Again, no limits on time or exposures .