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Second City Photoshoot: Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies)

Second City Photoshoot: Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies)

**First thing: The background on this post is messed up. I know. I hate it. Somethings going on with the blog section of my site and I havent been able to get a hold of my webmaster. Functionality is fine but I hate how it looks. Please forgive. Now with that out of the way…

I had the pleasure of shooting Second City’s new show, Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies). Its my third photoshoot for Second City and my favourite so far… Something to do with the fact that the poster shoot involved a healthy mix of chapel poses, sexy ridiculousness, and flying comedians. Also, simply because this is my favourite Second City show yet and is filled with a ridiculously talented and lovely group of people. These guys worked their tail off and it really shows… This is comedy for the masses but also for the real comedy fans. If you love comedy you need to see this show.

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Mixed in here is a combination of untouched “behind the scene” sort of shots that were later used in the posters, and then a whole bunch of stills I took from the show. I made sure to not put anything up that might spoil a surprise… And there are many. Some of my favorite images will only come out after the show had its run.

To download the photos click on the thumbnail to bring it up, then right click “save as” to your computer.

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