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single art for JESUS CMPLXX


promo art for JESUS CMPLXX new album

Onsite 2

Artistic portrait of a woman wit a field of colours over her.

ARI Single Art – Toronto Musician

fashion shoot – natural light with strobe

from the Astronaut Series – Editorial Fashion Photography

modeling portfolio shoot – editorial

Bodyscaping Editorial Studio Shoot

Bodyscaping Album Art Shoot for JESUS CMPLXX

X. ARI – album art for new EP Tunnel Vision – now on Spotify

Artistic black and white portrait of an older man and woman together.

Merz Pharma – Commercial Photoshoot for International Campaign

Artistic landscape of flowers in a yard.

Flower Apocalypse

Artistic black and white portrait of a man in black on a white background.

Rock and Roll Magician – Reality TV Star Sammy Cortino

Artistic landscape photograph promoting Italy.

Italy – Branding for Travelweek and Trafalgar Travel 2

Artistic landscape photograph promoting Italy.

Italy – Branding for Trafalgar and Travelweek

Artistic black and white portrait of a woman promoting a PRIDE event.

HSSE – Pride – Closets Are For Clothes 2

Artistic photograph showing swirling lights at a music event.

Lights and Colour in Shambhala

Artistic photograph of a woman partying at an outdoor event.

Rainbow Raver, British Columbia

Artistic photograph of a pair of performers on stage at an event.

Performers and Stages

Artistic portrait of four women in a pillow fight.

Sexy Pillow Fight

Landscape portrait of a ramshackle building.

Watercolour Shack

Artistic black and white landscape of a submerged dock.

Uruguay Beach

Landscape photograph of a large scale swing.


Artistic portrait of a woman framed against a statue.


Landscape portrait of a radar dish.

Trafalgar Travel – Chile

Landscape of a beautiful cactus.


Artistic landscape of a collection of roofs in an old town.


Artistic arrangement of a collection of jellyfish.

Jellyfish Party

Artistic portrait of a girl heading to school.

Going to school

Artistic photograph of a flower fallen on the ground.

Fallen Orange Flower