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FreshBooks Interview with Dan Abramovici – Tailor Your Photography to Your Brand

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FreshBooks Interview with Dan Abramovici – Tailor Your Photography to Your Brand

The following is an excerpt from the FreshBooks article you can read HERE.

Tailor Your Photography to Your Brand

It’s critical to show the right side of yourself for the clients you’re hoping to attract. Two of Abramovici’s recent clients highlight the importance of tailoring photography to your brand.


“A 20-something agent will want to show all the young potential homeowners in the urban area she’s catering to that she’s on their level. I might shoot her against exposed brick or a funky pattern, maybe even in a James Bond kind of pose. Someone older or in a suburban area would choose something different—probably a more corporate shot that conveys that they bring a steady hand to the job.”


“A personal trainer is rebranding to target a high-achieving corporate crowd. These are the folks who wake up at 4am, get their workout in, then wake up the kids and get them to school before attacking their day. The video and photography needs to look like it would belong in a high-end magazine. It should have more of a fashion shoot type of feel to it, with high-contrast chrome, shiny, black and white. We’re selling the idea of a premium product.

“This is very different than what we did for him when he was casting a wider net in the past. That was more of a smiley, friendly, casual and approachable feel to it.”

If you’re not sure how you want to frame yourself, Abramovici suggests scoping out your competition. How are they presenting themselves to the kind of clients you want? “See what you can do to tweak the look so you can better define yourself in a crowded market.”

You can read the rest of this article HERE