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On-site photoshoot for Patterson Dental Canada – Staff Photos

Patterson Dental is trusted partner of dentists everywhere for equipment, technology, service, and supplies. We were asked to do portraits of 50+ employees in just one day using a blue seamless backdrop for a consistent look in the shots. We were able to do each

Remax Real Estate Agent Portrait

Real Estate Agent Photos – In our studio or at your office

That portrait on your site, your card, or on the side of a bus (!!!) is often a potential clients' first introduction to you and your brand. We will work with you to get a great business portrait that elevates your brand and helps you

How not to audition

How to get great Self Tapes and Video Auditions!! (and what NOT to do)

With faster connection speeds facilitating same day video uploads, self taping is an increasingly popular way to audition. It's a different beast from auditioning in person: You don't have the advantage of a Casting Director in the room giving you notes and adjustments BUT you are

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  • HSSE – Pride – Closets Are For Clothes
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National Coming Out Day: Closets are for Clothes

On Oct. 11, 1987, half a million people participated in the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. It was the second such demonstration in the United States' capital and resulted in the founding of a number of LGBT organizations. From this idea National

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