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Callback Headshots: Video of a Typical Headshot Session (with Actor’s Connective)

Callback Headshots: Video of a Typical Headshot Session (with Actor’s Connective)

I get asked all the time: “How does the session work? Is it bad to be nervous? Do I pose? Tyra said to “smise”… What in the blue hell is that?”

Ive been working as a headshot photographer for many years, with brand new actors, comedians, successful seasoned actors, and everyone in between. Those questions always come up and im always happy to answer them (Except for the “smise” one. Sounds dangerous and/or smelly). I tried to make the website as transparent as possible but sometimes the best way to explain what goes on in a headshot session is to, well, actually show people what goes on in a headshot session. Enjoy!

For this video we teamed up with Actor’s Connective Toronto, which is an amazing resource for actors looking to connect and learn. They ran a contest on the website and the lucky actor we took from pre-shoot jitters to post-shoot awesomeness was Oldfield Management’s Allyson Pratt, a lovely and talented actor with a bright future whose IMDB page you can check out HERE. We had a lot of fun in this shoot and hopefully answered some questions. If there is anything else you would like to know about getting Headshots, Demo Reels, or Video Auditions please get in touch with Callback Headshots. To connect with other actors and learn about our industry go to Actor’s Connective Toronto.

Oh! And the shots. How did they turn out? Click the thumbnails to enlarge and view:

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