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Marketing tools

Maximize Your Reach with these Marketing Tools

Maximize Your Business Reach With These Marketing Tools As an entrepreneur, do you try to save money as often as you can? Are you looking for ways to effectively market your company and capitalize on the market for the lowest price? This list will give you some

Headshot photo dos and don'ts

Corporate Headshots Do’s and Dont’s

Good Corporate photography doesn’t take much gear, but it does take planning, patience, and practice.  The first impression sets the tone, and you want to make sure it’s a good one. It is proven that consumers react positively to engaging imagery so why jeopardize yourself

Hugging 1 Dan Abramovici

Java Group Programs – Website and Magazine Photography

It was a pleasure doing this photoshoot for JMC at Erin Meadows. A great organization that is creating programs for eldercare. From http://javamusicclub.com/about-us-the-java-music-club: Java Group Programs are the first standardized peer support interventions designed to address the critical rates of depression and loneliness across the senior living


Actor Advice – How to Find The Right Agent For You!

One of the things I get asked the most is if I have some advice on getting an agent. Not just any agent, but a "good" agent. Having a good agent, that is an agent that is right for you, is absolutely critical in finding success

Merz 6 Colour

International Photo Campaign for Merz Pharma

It was a real privilege doing this emotional photoshoot for Merz Pharma. The photos, which we finished in a dramatic B&W, will run across Europe and in the US. The shoot was done in Toronto. The couple here is married. Karl had a stroke and Jennifer

Darryl Hinds Air Farce SNL Style

photography for CBC Air Farce New Year’s Special!!!

Tonight on CBC Television - Click HERE for showtimes If you grew up in Canada there is a good chance you watched Don Ferguson, Luba Goy, and the rest of this classic comedy team do their thing on CBC. In recent years they've been joined by

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