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Onsite Photography

We love telling stories, and that makes our photographers and videographers perfect for Branded work such as brand launches, special promotional events, holiday parties, store openings, bts, and Social Media Photography. In short, we will make your marketing the best it can be and bring you business.

We offer affordable event photographer and videographer rates, and scalable packages. Please email or call us and we can build you a custom package to suit your budget and needs.

  • Our studio is portable. We locally service the GTA but can drive or fly our studio anywhere in the world.
  • Portable Studio means we can give your offices a consistent look. Wherever they are.
  • Custom packages mean you get the best bang for your buck. We will work with your marketing team to make sure you get the best photographer and videographer rates, as well as the best work.
  • Photo editing and video editing are handled in-house. Want to do it yourself? No problem. We can give you the RAW files or video.

Looking to get more information on our onsite photography packages and rates?

Automator – Team Photo – Onsite


Technical Service Group

Mortgage Guys – On Site Portraits

Profressional promotional portrait for the Second City Toronto.

Second City Toronto


Robyn Thompson – Website Branding


Artistic photograph of a group climbing on a a car.

Student Car Share – Disco Party

promo art for JESUS CMPLXX new album

Sam & Breanna





Ainsley 2

Ainsley 1

Event 1

Lee Smart 2

Lee Smart 3


Onsite 1

Onsite 4

Onsite 5

Studio 101


Beautiful portrait of a woman in a Toronto cafe for corporate profile.

Candid Corporate Portrait for Sarah

On Site Photos – We bring the studio to your board room


Artistic portrait of a woman wit a field of colours over her.

ARI Single Art – Toronto Musician

official album art for X. ARI’s EP Tunnel Vision – now streaming on Spotify!

Natural Light Business Portrait

Alex – Natural Light Portrait

On Site – Office Portrait

Dynamic Duo – Team Photo – On Site

on site branded photos – Yeager

portable studio gray backdrop

Maria – natural light photo

Michael – On Site – Taken in lunch room

Studio 101 Hairstylists

Thomas Elliott natural light – Dan Abramovici Photography

on site working photo

branding coffee work- Dan Abramovici Photography

Danielle – Business Portrait – Natural Light – Great Corporate Photo

fashion shoot – natural light with strobe

On Site – with Client

Christina – natural light

Gerald 2 – on site natural light corporate portrait

Gerald – natural light

Robyn Thompson – office photos – on site

Professional headshot of Don Ferguson from the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Don Ferguson – Air Farce Branding

Roberta – Professional Portrait

Weina – LinkedIn Photo

editorial fashion shoot for JESUS CMPLXX – Toronto model

promo artwork for CBC Radio featured singer/songwriter X. ARI

Single Art for new X. ARI single STAY V GO – Now on Spotify and CBC Radio!

Fashion photos for Allegra – Natural light shots

Natural Light Corporate Portrait for Weina

ARI – Tokyo Fashion Shoot

Robyn Thompson – Website Branding 2

Air Farce Group photography

Branding for CTV’s Royal Canadian Air Farce

Website Branding for Poirier Group – Taken with our portable studio

Business portrait done on location as professional headshot.

Marina Arnaout 1 – On Location Shoot

X. ARI – album art for new EP Tunnel Vision – now on Spotify

Professional corporate headshot of a woman on the streets of Toronto.

Samira Tamin LinkedIn pic

Professional portrait of a woman in the streets of Toronto.

Jessica Mosher – Corporate Portrait with Natural Light

Corporate portrait of a woman in the outdoors.

Gina 3 – Corporate Business Portraits for LinkedIn

Artistic black and white portrait of a man in a wheelchair.

Black and White shoot for Merz Pharma – Magazine Campaign

Professional portrait of a man in a blue shirt against a brick wall.

LinkedIn Photo for Alex 1

Promotional portrait of one of the best motivational speakers.

Jessie – Speaker Event Photography

Portrait of an actor performing a scene.

why so serious?

Professional corporate portrait of a woman against a window with wood trim.

Marina 2 – On Location

online Ned Goodhue 4 – Abramovici Studios

Ned – CEO Corporate Photos

Professional headshot of Arnold Pinnock from the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Arnold Pinnock – Branding for CTV’s Air Farce

Artistic black and white photograph of a woman promoting a PRIDE event.

HSSE – Pride – Closets Are For Clothes – Support Coming Out Day

Artistic photograph of a woman promoting a PRIDE event.

HSSE – Pride – Closets Are For Clothes

Professional photograph of a man at a school event.

Connect Language School 4

Professional photograph of a suit event on the streets of Toronto.

Moore’s Suit Drive – PR with Puppy

Artistic black and white headshot of an actor burning a handful of cards.

James Gangle – Joker

Artistic black and white headshot of an actor with a martini.

James Gangle – Swingers

Artistic black and white portrait of a woman with a pipe on a black background.

Ashley Botting – Bonspiel!

Artistic black and white headshot of a man celebrating the new year.

James Gangl

Artistic photograph showing swirling lights at a music event.

Lights and Colour in Shambhala

Artistic photograph of a woman partying at an outdoor event.

Rainbow Raver, British Columbia

Artistic photograph of a pair of performers on stage at an event.

Performers and Stages

professional headshot of a fitness trainer on a grey background.

Jay Arzadon

Artistic black and white portrait of a young girl.

Favella Black and White


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