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About Us

This is Schnitzel. She loves you.

Oh, hello! We started this studio because we love to tell visual stories. Our own original stories, and yours.

Meet Our Team


Dan Abramovici


Dan Abramovici likes taking pictures, and writing and directing films. He also enjoys challah with nutella, and obsessing over his mood-specific Spotify playlists.

As a photographer he has been a part of a number of award winning galleries including the prestigious CONTACT photography festival. Recent clients include the Canadian Opera Company, Toronto’s Second City, Yorkville Bloor BIA, Kiehl’s, Winners, and charitable organizations such as Hope Air and HSSE.

In the world of film, Dan has experience both in front of and behind the camera, working as a filmmaker as well as actor. You can check out Dan’s film work here.


Taylor Byers


Taylor is one of the awesome hair and makeup professionals we work with.

Taylor has over 10 years of photography and film experience. She is a member of IATSE, and has worked for productions in Toronto for Netflix, Blumhouse, and Apple TV. Recent film credits include The Umbrella Academy, Locke and Key, Feel the Beat, and The Craft.


Dan started Abramovici Studios in 2005 with a singular focus: corporate headshots that are professional, but also approachable. He found that too often executive portraits look stiff and staged, and wanted to bring his experience as a commercial and headshot photographer into the corporate world. 

Today, we specialize in a wide range of corporate photography services including corporate and business headshots, executive portraits, LinkedIn profiles and more. Our portfolio includes branding work for companies like REMAX, The Second City, TD, and The Canadian Opera Company.

Looking for something less corporate? Our team at Abramovici Studios offers fun, candid and life-filled photoshoots for our clients. Explore our Additional Services page to learn more.

Video and Film

Here at Abramovici Studios, we offer a wide range of video production services to our clients. Whether you are looking to create a video bio, social media content, a corporate walkthrough, or a full-on national commercial, you need to have content of the highest quality. We have a full-service video-production team of filmmakers and post-production professionals committed to creating elevated and captivating videos that resonate with your audience.

Our previous work includes writing and directing commercials, short films, and music videos. One of our latest projects – Ben’s At Home,  is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning movie that went on to play on Netflix Canada and Starz. You can find more of our film work here.

Our Portable Film Studio

Our Toronto studio is located at Queen and Dufferin, on a quiet side street just outside the hustle and bustle of Queen Street West. We are proud to serve the GTA and Downtown Toronto, including Queen West, King West, Ossington, and Dundas West.

The photography studio itself? Comfy cozy. We are music nerds who would be happy to throw on some tunes, and even happier to put on whatever you’re into. We also have a wide selection of teas, and sometimes a studio dog is present. You’ll like it here.

Want us to come to you? No problem. We can bring a full-on portrait studio to your office, private island, factory, conference room, and anything in between. We’re able to use our studio lights to light in total darkness and can also work with natural light to bring out your best.

Custom Packages and Low rates

We offer custom photo packages that are free of any surprise costs. You’re rewarded with discounts for bringing groups or for referring us to your friends and colleagues. Your photos are finished on time, and to your company’s specifications, and we listen to you throughout the whole process. 

Need more information about the rates at our photography studio? Please give us a call for a custom quote on any photo and video package..

What our amazing clients say about us


Before and During the Session

How many shots do you take?

When shooting family photos, branding, or on-site shoots back to back the number ranges wildly. We work with the timing we have with our client to ensure that they have all the great shots they need. We don’t count exposures.

On a typical individual LinkedIn portrait session in our studio we can take anywhere from 50 to 200 shots

What if I just need one shot?

We do offer mini shoot option. Check out our Rates page to see out packages.

How long is an average business portrait session?

We work with you until both you and the photographer are 100% sure you have all the looks you need. On average our full portrait session is about an hour, and you can expect to add 20 minutes if doing hair/makeup.

How quick can you make a session?

We have often had to come to bring our portable portrait studio on-site and shoot employees back to back at an all day conference. We have had days where we would shoot 200 happy customers back to back. Ideally we would have at least 5 minutes with every person but in a crunch we can do one pose and get one great shot in as little as 1 minute per person.

Can you shoot in our office? At our holiday conference?

Absolutely. Our portable studio and photographer can travel anywhere within Canada. It’s $40 travel plus parking within the GTA. We can set up in your office, conference room, anywhere with a 5ft by 5ft space.

Where is your studio located?

Our Toronto studio is located at Queen West. We love natural light and do a combination of studio shooting as well as natural light outdoor. That said, if you prefer to do everything in studio or everything outside we can certainly tailor the session to your taste.

Are discounts available?

Yep. Full list of our discounts are available on our discounts page. If you were referred by someone you get a free touched up shot or 10% off your session. Same offer goes to the person who referred you.

My manager/PR has specific lighting/posing in mind. Can you match this?

Absolutely. We are always happy to speak with your rep and shoot a look that is consistent with your company’s needs.

What if I'm early? Late?

If we’re able to let you in early we absolutely will do that. If we’re in a session or not yet at the studio there are plenty of nearby cafes to hang out at. If you are late we will do everything we can to accommodate you but you may be cutting your session short if we have someone after you. We ask that you please call your photographer as soon as you think you may be running late.

Can I bring my own music?

Absolutely! You can connect your phone/iPod/whatever to our speakers via bluetooth or AUX and blast your favourite tunes. We can also put on anything you want on Spotify or any other music streaming service you enjoy.

Can I bring my own hair or makeup artist?

Experience has taught us to not work with outside hair/makeup artists. We have a roster of a few super talented hair/makeup professionals who have many years of experience working specifically on portrait headshots as well as on set doing film and tv. These professionals are trained in shooting high definition images.

Alternatively, you are welcome to come to the shoot hair/makeup ready!

What kind of hair and makeup services are provided?

If you book our hair/makeup professional then you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s optional but always recommended. Our hair/makeup artist gets you set up at the start of the session and then touches up and changes your looks as needed throughout. She’ll also watch things like stray hairs, how your hair is falling in the photos, shine, etc.

Please note that hair includes styling. It does not include a wash and dry. Just have your hair clean when you come in.

If you choose to do your own makeup then bring the supplies you usually use day to day to prep for an audition.

How many outfits should I bring?

Bring with you a couple of wardrobe options, keeping in mind the branding you are going for.
Three is plenty but you can bring more and our photographer will help you narrow it down.

For business portraits we typically recommend a suit, business casual, and maybe one more casual look. You can study what you think works for you by visiting LinkedIn. For the most part we think that professional yet approachable is the way to go.

Keep in mind that we will achieve different looks by mixing and matching the wardrobe with your hair, makeup, and different background and lighting setups. Remember, it’s not so much about the clothes… It’s about you and the energy and personality you bring from shot to shot.

You don’t need to worry about bringing different options for shoes or pants if we are shooting from the waist up. You’ll be wearing pants, but we most likely not see them in the photos ????

We won’t be seeing your shoes in headshots, but we might for branding shots and certainly with family photos. Still, if you are more comfortable and feel better in, say, high heels, then you are welcome to wear them for your headshots.

What clothing should I stay away from?

Stay away from distracting patterns and large logos. Not to worry, smaller logos can be photoshopped out.

Should I wear any jewellery?

If you think you’ll still like it in a few months’ time then feel free to bring it. Keep in mind that the focus with headshots is your eyes, so you might want to stay away from big or otherwise distracting jewellery.

How to Prepare for the Shoot

  1. Get a good night’s sleep – Our makeup artist can absolutely conceal tired eyes but you’ll feel better.
  2. Have a good breakfast – Don’t worry… Breakfast wont add noticeable pounds to your photos. Have a nice breakfast so your mood and energy are up.
  3. Think about your branding – How do you want people to think of you? Does your wardrobe reflect that?
  4. If you need a haircut, get it a few days before the shoot – If you need a haircut we recommend that you get it at least a day or two before the shoot. That way you will have time to get it fixed or adjusted if you don’t like it.
  5. Prepare your wardrobe before the day of the shoot – This is just with the intention of keeping your shoot day fun and stress free.

After the Session

What happens after the photo shoot?

Our photographer will go over all your shots and upload them to a password protected client page. You’ll be able to go on and view all your photos, and are welcome to share them with colleagues, family, etc.

What happens to the selected shots?

We use a professional post production process to get your favourite photos looking their best. Among other adjustments, your selected photos will be cropped, colour corrected, and things like stray hairs and blemishes will be addressed.

Is production included in the cost?

Yes. Post production is included in the price. Number of touched up shots you get just depends on the package you buy.

Can I purchase extra shots down the line?

Absolutely. You can always purchase additional touched up shots and you also get a bonus free touched up image with every referral!

I have a last minute audition/book/event. What if I need my photos same day?

We can usually arrange rush and same day requests.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


Looking for a quote? Interested in learning more? We’re happy to chat about your shoot and specific needs. Contact us now.